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Schooling on the Costa del Sol

Schooling on the Costa del Sol


So you have made your decision to move to the Costa del Sol, maybe you are moving for a fantastic quality of life, or maybe it is the climate you are after?  Whatever it is, if you have children, one of your greatest obstacles will no doubt be getting your children settled in the Spanish education system.


There are options on the Costa del Sol, firstly, if you have young children the obvious option is to put your children into the Spanish education system.  Children can start school in spain at three years old, although it is not compulsory until six years old.   If you intend to stay in Spain for a long period, then integration is vital, and by sending them to Spanish school, your child will get the gift of being bi lingual in a very short period of time.  However, this works better with young children, once they are a bit older it is difficult if they speak no Spanish.


For older children, majority of people opt to send their children to one of the many International Schools on the Costa del Sol, they follow a British curriculum and the first language is English.  It is a much easier way to ease your children into Spanish life, however, it is expensive and if they are older they may not end up bi-lingual. 


If you choose the Spanish schooling system, you can expect a great education in most cases, however something you should know is that children have to repeat if they do not reach the required standard in 2nd year and 4th year, in both primary and secondary level.  This is on the school´s recommendation and is fairly common even amongst Spanish children.  In addition, Spanish schools have lots of studying, homework for young children is common and can be extensive.  But there is also lots of music, fun and cuddles from the teachers.  My experience of the Spanish education system has been extremely positive, however it is worth doing research on the schools in your area, in busy areas you may not be able to choose but if you can, it is worth doing some ground work.


The same is true of International Schools, the standard of education  varies hugely from school to school.   Each school will have a brochure outlining the school´s offerings, but perhaps the best option is to speak to parents who already have their child in the school.  Each area on the Costa del Sol will have its own facebook group for expats, and if you put a question on there, you are sure to get a lot of feedback. 


Whichever option you choose bringing a child up on the Costa del Sol will give them a fantastic environment to grow up in.   It is a wonderful outdoor life, all year round, with great opportunities for sports and leisure activities. 





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