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The best month to visit Estepona

When is a good time to visit Estepona?

We regularly get asked when is the best time to visit Estepona.  Due to a very moderate climate, people can take their pick to visit in the winter and enjoy the mild climate or to visit in the summer and bake on the beautiful beaches.

My favourite month, without a doubt, is October, when the summer is tailing off but the days and nights are still warm enough to sit outside with a light cardigan.  When the bustle of the tourist season is tailing off, and a seat in your favourite restaurant is available again.  Then again, November is nice too, still warm and even quieter.  Normality has resumed and there is only the regular visitors and the golfers who are in the holiday spirit.

I do like December though, with Christmas on its way, the nights are chilly but the days can still be filled with sunshine.  Just cold enough to think it is Christmas but warm enough to know you are not in the England.  Nights bring the smell of roaring log fires, and crowd free Christmas shopping.  The decorations in all the main towns are breathtaking, and the religious element is in full flow, with events such as the Bethlehem recreation in Casares.

Christmas in Estepona continues through to January.  Whereas January can be full of the Christmas hangover season, January in Estepona kicks off with the amazing three kings celebrations on the 6th January.  You have to be prepared to be hit full on by flying sweets, thrown by one of the three kings.  The children are all jumping around excited about the presents awaiting them the next day, and so full of sugar that they are unlikely to sleep for days.

January also brings the start of the best snow in Sierra Nevada, sun bathe in the morning and be skiing down a mountain in the afternoon.  Only two and a half hours away, Sierra Nevada offers a great opportunity to dust off the Christmas cobwebs and get some exercise.

After that, comes lazy February, the golfers are still in town, and though the weather can be chilly especially at night, news of harsh weather from the homelands is enough to keep the spirits up.

March is a frenzy of excitement with Estepona starting to spruce itself up after the winter, with the excitement of tourism season beginning.  Everywhere you look, there are workman painting road lines and planting flowers.  New murals are unveiled and new flowerpot decked streets are opened.

April and May are the calm before the storm, everywhere is getting busier and the weather is getting warmer.  The tourists are dipping their toes (and usually more) into the sea, as the locals watch still huddled in their winter coats! 

June is a lovely month, not just because the Spanish celebrate San Juan, with the burning of wooden statues and walking backwards into the sea, but also because it is the first month when you can really say that summer is here and the weather is more than likely guaranteed to be sunny. 

Then on to July, in my opinion the hottest month of the year, impossible to sleep without air conditioning, but guaranteed beautiful sunshine.   You can spend long lazy evenings on the beach, when the locals do not start packing up their picnics until the light begins to fade, and long into the night you can see groups of people sitting on the beach chatting and drinking. 

August is my countdown to a break in the heat, cooler but still blistering hot.   The tourist season is still in full swing, everywhere is busy and the holiday mood is buzzing.  Little markets spring up everywhere and the beach is alive with bouncy castles and sand sculptures.

Which brings us to September, my second favourite month.  Normality resumes, kids are back to school, the madness of the summer is fading, but not gone completely.  The weather is beautiful, and the sea is warm and inviting.

So back to the original question, when is the best time to visit Estepona? What are you after? The heat, gentle warmth or the sub zero temperatures of Sierra Nevada?  Whenever you choose, Estepona is an amazing destination.    

 My advice is visit whenever, but visit as often as you can.





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