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A glimpse to life in Estepona

So you have made the decision you have upped sticks and packed your belongings and you have arrived in Estepona, excited and ready to embrace your new life.  But before you rush out there, there are a few things you might or might not already know.

1                     When you wander out to party at 7 o´clock, you will be partying on your own.  Generally, nowhere with any atmosphere gets going till after midnight, and finishes in the very early hours.  Surprising, the Spanish seem to be able to embrace this, and still appear to be bright eyed and bushy tailed in the morning.  Still not sure how they do that!

2                     The end of an evening does not mean lots of people laid around drunk, it is very rare to see Spanish people staggering around, in fact it is virtually unheard of. 

3                     All alcohol is pretty much centred around food, people drink with their food, and then once the meal is over, they either appear to stop or drink very moderately.

4                     A day at the beach can start at 7pm.  The locals do not go to the beach at midday, unless they are completely kitted up with marquees, banquets and large number of folding tables.  Instead they decamp at the beach, once the sun starts to go down, and it is still hot enough to swim, but not to burn.

5                     Siestas are still very much in operation, lots of people are surprised when they arrive that the siestas are still so common.  In Estepona, apart from the large supermarkets, all shops close between 2 o´clock and 5 o´clock.  However, the upside of this is that restaurants are buzzing, and you can get a delicious and very reasonable menu del dia, which leads us to number 6.

6                     It is not unusual to sit down to a menu del dia at lunchtime, and have a bottle of wine placed on your table, without you asking for it.  You will also be treated to a delicious three course meal, and still get change out of 10 euros.  Bargain!

7                     If you hear funny noises at midnight in the summer, do not be alarmed, it is the rubbish collectors coming around.  They collect every night in the summer to make sure there is no smelly rubbish lying around.

8                     Rubbish collection is an interesting topic in Estepona, it is amazing that you can attend the biggest street party, for example, the three kings parade, and 30 minutes after it has finished, the town is spotless!

9                     Back to eating out, it is not unusual to go to several restaurants in one night.  Tapas is a standard way of eating in Spain, so you can have a couple of small plates in one restaurant, and then move on to the next. 

10                 There is very little processed food in Spanish supermarkets, although it is increasing, everyone in spain cooks from scratch, simple! If you need sauces, Morrisons in Gibraltar is the place for you.


Life in Spain is definitely different, but it is absolutely worthwhile once you get used to the cultural changes.  If you want talk about living in Spain, or if you are already here and want to buy or sell, contact cherry@dolphinestates.com or 952 79 69 53.


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