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How do you feel about living in Mayfair?

We have all played Monopoly, well I think everyone has played it at some stage of their lives, and we have all hackered over owning the exclusive Mayfair.  Well, now it is possible to own the most prestigious part of the board, well not exactly Mayfair, but you can own a place in its Spanish equivalent, Estepona.

The introduction of Estepona, came about when Hasbro ran a competition intended to promote some of the smaller towns in Spain.  Everyone was asked to vote, and a staggering 16,589,649 votes were received.  Estepona was the resounding winner, with 571,778 votes, which earnt it the top place on the board. 

Estepona is not the only town in the Malaga province to gain a place on the board, Mijas also received 189,754 votes and came in tenth place.

The full list of places on the board are Estepona, Alcobendas, Alcorcón, San Fernando, Elda, Utrera, Cartagena, Torrejón de Ardoz, Paterna, Mijas, Logroño, Guadalajara, Linares, Boadilla del Monte, Ponferrada, Zaragoza, Salamanca, Elche, Mérida, Alicante, Pedroso and Arevalillo de Cega.

So if you fancy living in the top property on the board, consider this, it is equivalent to Mayfair, but with better weather and amazing beaches, and very few traffic jams!  Who could possibly resist?

For further information about living in Estepona, please contact cherry@dolphinestates.com or 952 79 69 53.


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