2019-05-14 09:37:00

Estepona has made headline news

This week, Estepona has made the news channels around Europe, unfortunately not because of the beautiful flowers , fantastic beaches or the stunning murals, but due to a 38m slide which has gone a little wrong!


The slide was built as part of private investment and is said to have cost a total of 28,000 euros.  It is only a small part of a huge investment plan to enhance Estepona.  So far, the investment has resulted in a hospital, athletics stadium, street remodeling project and too many others to mention.


According to a local newspaper, the slide, which joins two streets was intended to save time for locals to slide rather than do the 10 minute walk around the streets.  However, the end result has led to, at least, fifty injuries on the first day, whoops, and the slide was closed pending a rebuild!


However, the story does not end there, since the first day the videos of people flying off the end of the slide have gone viral and it has been a talking point all over Europe.   The UK press have loved it the most, with it even making the Guardian and Sky News.


The slide is really steep, with a gradient of 34 degrees, and will be the highlight of a larger children´s park, which has yet to be finished.


Estepona council have responded to the criticism by saying that those injured have used the slide incorrectly, and they have closed it for further safety checks.  There is no word yet on when it will be reopened, but as they say there´s no such thing as bad publicity, and the recent news coverage has put Estepona firmly on the map, just at a time when people are planning their next holiday.


If you have somehow missed the news coverage, and fancy watching the videos, click here https://youtu.be/G2F-YE07u3w


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